meet the artist

Mauricio Mendoza was born in Bogota, Colombia, where he lived until the age of twenty. From very early on, he was drawn to the arts and his natural abilities were very clear. If it wasn’t the art of cooking, he was always drawing, sketching, painting or creating things out of arts and crafts. Being an avid dreamer, risk taker and visionary, he left Colombia in search of his dreams and to pursue his education in Orlando, Florida, where he lived for three years before moving to Miami. Several years later, he came out with U&ME, his own parenting magazine, whose contemporary style and design motivated and inspired others to seek his guidance and expertise. Throughout the years, he has helped launch numerous other magazines under his guidance as designer and art director.

Through all of his journeys, he has found his passion, which has led him to Mutt Republic. Mutt Republic is a fashion brand inspired by Mauricio's designs. The focus of his company is to give 50% of the profits to 5 of the most important national and international animal rescue organizations.




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